Roland Emmerich’s upcoming De Vere-was-the-Bard movie vs. Bill Cain’s Equivocation and the-Bard (Will)-was-a-Catholic stage play

For more on the latter, see the new Bill Cain play, Equivocation, recently premiered at the Oregon Shakespeare Festival. An exploration of the influence of the infamous Gunpowder Plot on a wizened Shakespeare (played by Anthony Heald) who can’t quite shake his Catholic roots, even when commissioned by master Machiavel Robert Cecil (Jonathan Haugen) to write a play on the Plot imbued with governmental spin.

The rip-roaring OSF production, directed by OSF artistic director Bill Rauch, was a huge hit. I saw it three times and have talked to at least two people who saw it five times. The OSF production has since gone onto Seattle, another production has opened in Los Angeles and a third is  in the works in New York. Indeed, Equivocation has evoked such a buzz—the word “Pulitzer” has been bandied about on more than one occasion—that I suspect it will soon be produced all over the country.

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